Thursday, 29 July 2010

Where the 'us' have been?

You know,
it feels so yesterday,
or maybe few hours ago,
when we met and sat beside each other.
On the bench, I talked to you,
looking at the moon, finding the stars and talking about the future.
I felt so valued. You gave me with your very best and precious smiles,
teasing me with your lame jokes
that makes me to feel so special even though I am not.
Holding a cup of coffee, listening, giggling,
you nodded your head for every single of my word,
even though you know, I was just crapping of something.
But, you didnt know, I felt so valued.

it seems to be different.
No more giggling, no more listening.
Maybe the bench that we used to sit together,
is no longer there.
The stars that we used to find,
have started to appear.
The moon that we used to stare,
have been covered by the black clouds.
No more coffee, no more smiles,
no more 'us'.
no more 'we'.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New passion. (50mm)

p.s: Dealing with pictures and camera has made me to forget my past. =')