Friday, 28 August 2009


You cried,
and then you smiled.
After that,
you felt to cry again,
but then you smiled back.
Lets see.


You are still smiling.


p.s: remind me to buy the kinder bueno ok?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Besides Too Phat, I have to admit that I'm so much into Coldplay. I am one of their die hard fans (Mati Susah Kipas) who can be so obsessed as no one has ever thought when it comes to Coldplay's genre. Seriously!! I never fail to keep 'Yellow', 'The Scientist' and 'Viva La Vida' playing throughout my stereo. (Rasanya Belinda dah kecewa dah kot. Hari2 dgr lagu yang same. Lol ). Tapi, itulah. It has been sort of routine for me to listen at those songs as I feel so 'cured' and somehow a bit inspired by listening at them. However, I just can't deny that there is also a period when I feel that I need to listen at something new. Not new as in 'New'. But something different than Coldplay.

Erm, sound like I have to alter a bit with my playlist.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Too much of drafts in my 'edit posts' tonight and I'm seriously sick of it. I really mean it. I'm so pissed off and I don't know why. Everything seems to be so wrong with me. I'm so helpless to figure out the reasons of why does it happen.


So, I finally came to post a collage. A combination of pictures which I think so cute but indeed meaningful.

(changing mood)

Monday, 24 August 2009


It's better to be hated than being unwanted.
So be grateful!!...

It's pretty 'rough' for one who fails to comprehend it perfectly. But as a person, I have to agree with the line. *sigh*

p.s: Anyway, I have downloaded 'The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran'. Lets see when I can spend my times to read it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

woohoo!! (This is so new... hehe)

I'm back alive. Yurp, I'm back to my virtual daily routine; facebooking, reading blogs, qut-ing (That was seriously a crap by simply naming a process of checking QUT email? LOL) and others . After been breathing nearly a day with no Internet connection, I'm now indeed so relieved, happy and definitely, super excited once that 'small earth' icon is started to appear on my laptop's screen. Man! It was really a torturing and abusing if I happened to rot in my room with no Internet connection. Seriously. Since you have no other better entertainment to be enjoyed.

Alright, I seem to have so much of things on my mind that I feel to blog. Seriously. I had a trip to a 'gifted' school today which I think could be wonderful if I can blog it here, I managed to talk with numbers of people which I was thought that they are 'tough', but actually funny and also some other good stuffs. Tapi, due to the fact that I have to wake up so early at tomorrow morning (which I really hate to do), so, I choose to blog them later... will be much better kan Haish...

Till then. I feel to go to my bed now. Wish me luck tomorrow. =)

Monday, 17 August 2009


I'm indeed so exhausted and drowsy now. My body is totally in pain, my mind is overly pressured and I'm just so restless. I have no reason of why is that so. Perhaps, it is because that I didn't get a sweet rest last night as usual. Yes, I went to bed quite early last night but unfortunately, I seemed to have a difficulty to sleep. Mcm ada je yang tak kena. My mind was just like being distracted rapidly by something which is not yet being settled. Erm...

Fair enough. I just know that I have lost my favourite ring. I don't know where I have placed it and seriously been looking for it since yesterday. The last time I saw it was when I took it out from my finger during the merdeka theater. and now, it's gone. Disappeared =(...


I guess, I should get a short nap now. Later.

Friday, 14 August 2009

H B, uncle.

It's your birthday, man.

Time flies away so fast kan? When I called you yesterday and we talked with each other, you were still appeared fresh as my 45-year old uncle but today, at this minute, you are now walking as a 46-year old grown man. So, stay chill, stay cool, stay 'tough' and yeah, please do remain as a sarcastic one. haha... Sarcastic and Anuar Talib is never and ever been apart kan? Lol. I know. If you were here, you might simply attack me 'cynical gila!!'... haha But this time, I didn't. I'm not being cynical pon. Come on, I am a grown man now. Stop from being just so skeptical at me. Pretentiousness could be a good policy at times. =)Oh yes, I just miss your sarcastic jokes, man.Seriously. I miss the way of how you tease me, how you swear at me. I miss them.Yes, I have to admit. It does hurt to be heard sometimes what more if it came from someone that you close with. But somehow, I feel that you are just super inspired me. Inspiring me to be more responsible, more disciplined and yeah in short you teach me about the definition life.

I'm so sorry for not being on your side like I always do. My thousands apologies for not being able to accompany you to have few cups of tea and roti bakar as what we always do every year. It's pretty dull kan without my presence? Itu lah, suka mengejek azan lagi. Now u deserve it... haha...I know, how much you miss your this particular pathetic nephew. Mum told. Jangan nak berlagak stern lagi or even to act macho as if you didn't have any sense of feeling. haha... I miss you too, uncle.

Remember that, no matter how far we have been apart, do know that my love for you never decrease. When dad is away, besides mum, you are always the one that I share with. I know that I always can count on you. Perhaps, that happens because I have been so close to you since I was small.

Ok, cukuplah tu. Happy birthday, uncle Anuar.
May the blesses of Him remain on you.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

That's it




I totally hate to be fooled. That's it

Indah dan bulan itu langsung tiada kena-mengena

Adakalanya indah itu tidak semesti indah,
walaupun ramai yang kata indah itu selalu indah.
Aku langsung tidak setuju.

Adakalanya indah itu tidak semesti INDAH,
walaupun ramai juga yang kata indah itu selalu INDAH.
Aku masih lagi tidak setuju.

Adakalanya indah itu tidak semesti I.n.D.a.H.
walaupun ramai lagi yang masih kata indah itu selalu I.n.D.a.H.
Aku tetap tidak setuju.


Kalau begitu, kenapa perlunya terma indah itu kalau ianya tidak indah.
Kan lebih baik sahaja terluka atau bersedih sahaja, pasti akan 'indah' juga.
Kali ini aku pasti bersetuju. Betul.

p.s.: Percayalah, indah, INDAH dan I.n.D.a.H. itu mempunyai jurang perbezaan dari segi makna konotasinya. dan juga, indah dan bulan itu memang langsung tiada kena mengena... percayalah.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Alright, random pictures:

Alright, random pictures, people:

Phew! At last, I managed to produce at least one, a so-called 'copyright' poster. Sorry Paula, I still in love with my Picasa and Adobe rather than using that bloody Inkscape. Pretty tough, indeed!...

Well, 3bucks wasted today. That particular moron dryer machine seemed to be a bit rigid with me today which at the end cause a crowd in my room. Heck!

Tapi, gembira.... Ada water bottle baru. Cantik. Teruja. Terima kasih kepada dia...

Friday, 7 August 2009

'Weird' starts to work for me

Reflection or Muhasabah, a cognitive process which seems to be so near and never been apart from us as human beings. It is indeed a way of complicated recalling business which people might only comprehend the concept by doing and experiencing it. Remembering, revealing and sort of a quick evaluating all the good and bad deeds that we have done before. Some people may believe that it's just unnecessary and lousy thing to be done and also, there are a bunch of them who always keep giving the excuses for a sake only not to experience reflection.

*Ok, Im crapped*

Alright. Jo could be true. Somehow, I need to agree that I might just have a bit of problem at expressing the ideas (Perhaps, this also might apply on certain emotional issues that I always fail to deal with). I tend to drag things far over which most probably might end me up to get lost somewhere. Erm... maybe, it's just a nature of me that I can't run from. OK, it's pretty simple and short but yet still rhetorical. I have recently discovered few things which I can feel that I'm now slowly heading to be. It's indeed slightly awkward when 'Weird' starts to work for me. I don't know why and I'm just clueless about it.

1. I'm no longer a magical dreamer which I used to be.
2. My level of emotional sensitivity goes increase gradually. (such as offensive, jealousy etc.)
3. I have a range of emotional challenges which I sometimes fail to deal with
4. My IQ level somehow decreases. (It's not scientifically proven but I just have a feeling of it)
5. I'm more passive and quieter than as I am before.
6. I'm losing my 'intrapersonal' skills.
7. I'm losing my'wise'self.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

paid to Izzy and Mejah.

Nama :
Mohd Zamri bin Azmi

Nama Pangilan : zam, zamzam.

Tarikh lahir : 21/01/1988

tempat lahir : Hospital Besar Batu Pahat, Johor.

Status : status ape ni Mejah! (kata2 cik Izzy digunakan)

Hobi : Saya suka membaca. Poyo kan saya?...

Makanan kegemaran : Saya suka rendang.

Minuman kegemaran : Apa-apa pun boleh.

Cita- cita : Dahulunya saya bercita-cita hendak menjadi seorang jurutera. Akan tetapi, atas sebab-sebab tertentu yang tidak dapat dielakkan, saya sedang berusaha untuk menyempurnakan ijazah pendidikan saya didalam TESOL.

pengalaman buruk : Saya pernah hilang kasut North star disekolah ketika berusia 8 tahun. Sedih tau. Mak sangat marah pada masa tu.

Pengalaman manis : banyak.

Perkara yang disukai : Apa-apa sahaja yang boleh menghiburkan hati saya.

Perkara yang tak disukai : Susah ni.

adakah anda berpuas hati dengan apa yang anda ada? : Ya saya. Saya bersyukur dgn apa yang saya ada. Walaupun banyak kekurangannya, tapi Insya-Allah pasti akan ada hikmahnya.

Harapan : Saya berharap... ntahlah.

p.s.: Saya rasa saya terlalu banyak menggunakan ayat-ayat skema yang menyebabkan diri saya ini berbaur ala-ala poyo. Maafkan saya kepada semua pembaca. =). Tetapi, sebelum itu, saya mahu meng'tag' beberapa orang sahabat saya. Antaranya ialah Khirol, Syikin bersama kekasihnya Adzuan, Ili, Irrina dan yang terakhir sekali Zaty (Semoga anda cepat sehat)