Saturday, 10 December 2011

No. 3

F you were born on the:

1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month you are number 1.
2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month then you are number 2.
3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month then you are number 3.
4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month then you are Number 4.
5th, 14th, 23rd of any month then you are number 5.
6th, 15th, 24th of any month then you are number 6.
7th, 16th, 25th of any month then you are number 7.
8th, 17th, 26th of any month then you are number 8.
9th, 18th, 27th of any month then you are number 9.

Number 1
You are smart, a straight talker, funny, stubborn, hardworking, honest, jealous
on a competitive basis, kind hearted, temperamental, friendly, and popular. You
always want to be on the top and most likely to be independent. You are most
likely to fall in love at a young age, but will marry once you mature! You are
likely to have problems with people who have opposite views and you are most
likely to take revenge over your enemies in a long time basis. You are a
spender, but you will have a good profession in the future. If you are guy you
will be very popular. You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of
the parliament because you are positive and talented in numerous areas. But in
your life you will always have some people who will work hard to bring you &
your name down. Because of your intelligence, some might hate you. You are a
pioneer, independent & original your best match is 4, 6, 8 while a good match
would be with 3,5,7

Number 2
No matter what, every one will love you because you are ruled by the Moon. You
day dream a lot, you have a very low-self esteem, you need to have a back up for
every move in your life, you are very unpredictable. You tend to change
according to time and circumstances, selfish, have a very strong sense of
musical and artistic talent and powerful verbal communication. You can be sweet
as an angel and can be ruthless when double-crossed. Some might say you have a
sixth sense. You will become a poet, writer, an artist or a businessperson. You
are not strong in love, so your relationship will be in disarray until you
settle down. If you are a girl, you will be responsible for your family. If you
are a man, you tend to get involve in fights & arguments in the family. You will
sacrifice your life for your family. You are gentle, intuitive with a broad
vision. You make a well-balanced person. Your best match is 2, 7,5, and 9 no
other people can put up with you!!!

Number 3
You are hardhearted and selfish most of the time. You always tend to have lots
of problems within your family in the early stages but you will be able to cope
with everything. You seem to have your way in everything. And from birth you
would always have to work hard to achieve anything you want. You always make a
point to set examples on others, especially the younger ones. Generally you are
not a cool person. It's not easy dealing with you. A tough player you are! But
once you are comfortable with someone, it will be a lasting friendship. You
always earn respect from others. Your Ilk seems to have lots of worries and
problems but they won't be for long. You will have brilliant kids! You love
money a bit too much so temptation will push you to try endlessly. You will look
after your family and help friends, so you will spend a life time just being
generous and kind (except for men born on the 21st). You love your freedom,
creative and ambitious, a person who brings beauty, hope & joy to this world!!!
Your best match 6 and 9. Good match 1, 3, and 5

Number 4
You are very stubborn, very hard working but unlucky in important matters in
life, very cool and helpful. You might repel people away from you, you may cause
nuisance to others if you area man, as you gifted are with understanding other
people's problems. If you are a girl, you excel in your studies and arts. If you
are a guy you spend most of your time with girl friends and you tend to have too
much fun with your mates & girls. Your friends will spend your time & money and
get on with their life and you will be left empty handed. So be careful! You
love to spend. Your positive side is that you are always around to help family
and friends. You always fall in love with those younger than you. You often live
with disappointments but you will take good care of your family. You need to be
careful of people who will take advantage of your kind heart (ahaks!). And
beware of your relationships too. You are radical, patient, persistent, and a
hit old-fashioned; you live with foundation & order. Your best match 1, 8. Good
match 5, 6, and 7

Number 5
You are very popular and you can get things done only by talking. Even to your
enemies! You are business-minded and like to do things spontaneously. You will
be famous if you get involved in any business. Your friends and families will
always ask for your help, and you are the one actually with the money to help
your friends. You will have more than one relationship, but when you settle down
you tend to be selfish. You tend to go for other relationships - even if you are
married at times because of your popularity. You tend to get along easily with
anyone because the numbers is a middle number. You love freedom and changes. You
learn your life through your personal experiences. Your best match 1, 2, Good
match 6, 8.

Number 6
Ooopppss... You were born to enjoy! You don't care about others. I mean you
always wanted to have a lifetime of enjoyment. You will excel in either
education or business management! You are talented, kind (but with only people
who you think are nice), and popular. All good things come easily to you. Your
mind and body is just made perfect for love. You are loveable by any number. But
if you are a number 6 men, you will be involved in more than a few relationships
until you get married. If you are a girl, most of you will get married/engaged
early. You are a caring person towards your family and friends. You are a person
of compassion, comfort & fairness, domestic responsibility, good judgment, and
after all you can heal this world's wounds to make peace for everyone because
you have the great power and caring talent to take the world of love one step
further.. Your best match 7, 6, and 9. Good match 4, 5

Number 7
You are realistic, confident, happy, and talented in education, music, art,
singing, and most importantly in acting. You also have a bad temper! You value
your family status a lot; you will be in the top rank when you reach a certain
age. If you are a guy you are popular with girls. Most of the number 7s faces
lots of problems with their married life. Only a few are happy. You have
everything in your life but with worries throughout your lifetime. You need to
get ready looking for a partner rather than waiting. If you don't, then you
might end-up being single. You are born to contribute to everyone's joy. Your
best match is 2. Good matches are 1, 4

Number 8
You have a very strong personality and people will find it hard to understand
you. You are more likely to suffer in your younger years. You might be also the
one responsible to look out for your family. You often suffer all the way
through life. You will learn life in a very practical way. You are the one who
will fight for justice and may even die in the war too. You are normally very
reserved with a handful of friends and most of the time, live life alone and
always prepared to help others. However, once you settle down, (which is often
late), then your had lucks will disappear. You will face unexpected problems
such as encountering poisonous animals, and accidents. You are highly-
disciplined, persistence, and courageous, and it is your strength that will take
you to success. You are a great part of a family team. You are a fighter! Your
Best match 1, 4 and 8. Good match 5

Number 9
You guys are the most incompatible people in the world. You are so strong,
physically and mentally. You often have big-aims. You will work hard and will
think it's still hard to get there, even if you already have gotten there!
Normally you suffer in the early age from family problems and generally you will
have to fight in life. You are respected by others. You were however very
naughty in your childhood, and often got beaten up by your parents and had been
involved in fights and you seemed to have suffered lots of injuries. But when
you grow older you become calm and will fall into the quiet and dignified macho
type. Love is not an easy matter for you. You are however good in engineering or
banking jobs because people always trust you. Your family life is very good, but
you will always worry over your children. Your finer qualities are that you are
humanitarian, patient, very wise & compassionate. You are born to achieve
targets and serve every one equally without any prejudice. You are a role model
for everyone. Your best match 3, 5, 6, and 9. Good match

Friday, 18 November 2011

This man literally feels to cry.

During my Cohort 5 farewell dinner speech, I did quote one of this most inspiring figure called Steve Job.

This man, which I think not everybody loves, but strangely effects me in some ways of life.

His last words before he got to close his eyes.

"Oh, wow! Oh, wow! Oh, wow!"

Very strange indeed. Quite a 'special' way of saying goodbye, which I think not everybody would think of.

and now, when I think I am so screwed up,
how I wish I could do as him.

p.s: An 'intrapersonal' man seems stupid at the beginning, but appears to be the smart one at the end. But, lets think what happen between the beginning until its end. He is probably a man who might suffer most the life crisis.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

you don't think so.

Some little things from someone that I care make me feeling better eventhough you might not think so.


Friday, 28 October 2011


I tweet a lot these days.

and Randi Zuckerberg is a sister to Mark. meh?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big A.

Do we actually realise that without us knowing, certain people might find us a bit Annoying?

Today. Tomorrow.

Say you?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

This is Life we are talking about.

Out of so many questions, this is one of the questions which I don't think I still have the right answer yet.

"What exactly is the reason that you are still single at the age of 23?"

Some people have been kept asking, and I could just spill any relevant answer though; come to think of it, does the given answer actually match the intuition as a being?

kalau aku terlambat untuknya dalam kelahiran ini. aku doakan untuk kelahiran seterusnya (Handkerchief Merah, 2011)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Said him.

seorang budak perempuan kecil
riben merah dirambutnya
manis senyumnya
dan matanya pesona

seorang budak lelaki kecil
bruises di kaki gempalnya
lesung pipit dipangkal senyumnya
dan matanya berkaca

bila cinta temukan mereka
budak lelaki dan perempuan itu
cantumkan senyuman mereka
pegang tangan dan langkah bersama

lori ikan datang

dan gilis kedua mereka

mati katak lalu terkeluar otak

namun tetap comel jua

dunia selalu begitu
celaka dimana-mana

(Handkerchief Merah, 2011)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Second day of last week of practical.

The gloomy weather.

It will be never the same on next week, on the same day.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Could be true.

The successful ones always try to create some histories.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Bisikan suara kecil selepas membaca suatu artikel:

"Jangan dipersoalkan bagaimana nikmat itu diberi. Tuhan itu, jika dia hendak memberi hidayah, walau kita sekalipun sedang beri, dia tetap akan memberinya,"

*Beri : Membuang air besar.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Fav line.

Text Color
For some reasons, I simply love watching Rocky Balboa movie. Yesterday was actually my 5 or 6th times since the first time it had been released; one of the most top watching movies in my list after Fast and furious. It gives lotsa impacts to me not just because its storyline, but also the employment of its philosophical lines and plenty of useful msgs.

I particularly envy this one line during his struggling to fight his less-gentleman opponent in the ring in the final scene.

"Remember, what did you tell your kid? It's not a matter how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can stand the hits"

A little confession.

I don't actually find having a special relationship is the most necessary for now, but it has been quite bothering me in some ways these days.

Real honest.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thank you.

The bet is totally paid off.
Kids behaved and cooperated very well during the session.
Supervisor is happy too.


Thank you kids.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My graceful bet

Rotational learning is the bet for tomorrow. Let's see how it goes.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Short and sweet

Cukup indah mimpi tadi; walaupun sebentar.

Ber'busking' di Queenstreet.
Stargazing di QUT.
Banyak lagi.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Please understand.

Please understand that I rarely talk and share my things with others.
So, whenever I tell you that I need you, that shows I really need you.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The kids need me.

I could actually be the laziest bum on earth to a certain extent, I would say.

Every morning, as in early in the morning, the only thing that motivates me to move from bed is "The kids need me in school"

Yes, that could be the most cliche ever; if you assumed being an effective educator is that easy (shake the bon-bons and stuffs), why don't you give yourself at least a shot?

Stop being judgemental.

"@FactAboutBoyz: Three biggest lies from a guy's mouth: 1. I'm not that type of guy. 2. I won't hurt you. 3. I'm sorry."

No one is perfect though, but come on. Don't make this as a sweeping statement to every man just because you met the wrong person. Get yourself out from your own narrow-mindedness, and start to deeply think from various perspectives.

Well, you can't actually deny the fact that everyone lies at least 12times per day (This is definitely not a sweeping statement as how you made it; I came across this somewhere in gender research paper). So, the lies of "Im not that type of PERSON", "I won't hurt you" and "Im sorry", I believe do not solely come from the 'a guys' mouth', but it also probably,or I would say WILL come from the other direction which is 'GIRLS'.

Think wisely before you being pointlessly vocal.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Place: Year 4 Gemilang.

Situation :
During monthly test (Students surprisingly finished the papers minutes earlier).

Me: All right, I would like all of you to make sure that you check your papers back. Make sure all the answers and spellings are correct. OK?

Student A (very smart-looking kid): The papers are very thick sir, but questions are easy.

Me: *Feel challenging* OK, If that's the case, make sure you got hundred. If one of you happened to fail the paper, I might call your mum.

Student B : Sir, saya beri handphone no mak saya dulu ye? Sbb, sy confirm fail. (Translation: Sir, why don't I give you my mum's handphone no first? Because, I know that I will fail)

Me: Student B, check your answer again. Make sure everything is correct. Sternly smile. *They are just being kids* =)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I am a happy man if I were asked to be in class now; meeting with kids and do some teachings rather than just rotting at the staffroom.

Not a good day to start.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Beranikah engkau?

Ini bukanlah permulaan,
bukan juga pertengahan,
mahupun pengakhiran.

Ini mungkin perjalanan atau sesuatu yang engkau langsung tidak pernah fikirkan.

Beranikah engkau?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The world is getting interesting.

Si Abang dan si Adik perlu ingat. Dikala ayah sedang sakit, mengapa kalian perlu bertelagah?

Sebagai seorang yang rapat, saya faham situasi anda.

Si Abang: Kamu seorang yang baran, boleh berkelakuan kurang rasional pada waktu tertentu. Tetapi, saya yakin anda boleh lebih bersabar. Anda juga boleh saya katakan lebih bertanggungjawab berbanding yang lain-lain.

Si Adik (Perempuan): Kamu pula, susah saya hendak gambarkan. Ego yang melampau-lampau. Suka memberontak. Entahlah. Tetapi, cuba melatih diri untuk bersabar? Sebab dunia ini dijadikan untuk kongsi bersama.

Si Ayah: Sakit.

Saya pula, tidak boleh terlalu masuk campur didalam hal kamu si Abang dan si Adik. Tetapi, boleh ke tidak kamu berdua cuba bersabar? Tidak banyak saya pinta, cuma bersabar dan sedikit bertoleransi. Sekurang-kurangnya untuk situasi ini.


p.s: Jika semua orang boleh berfikir dengan lebih rasional, mungkin peperangan dan konfliks akan kurang berlaku. Mungkin?

Monday, 6 June 2011

ain't in a mood.

Yes, certain things on Facebook really get me pissed off.

Maybe I should deactivate it for a while.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chapter 101 - Ini bukan masalah 'siapa lupa kawan', tapi sudah agak penat dipijak-pijak dan diperhanjingkan.
p.s: Maaf. Aku xsemudah itu.

Friday, 3 June 2011

New tweet: I f*cking hate you.

Yes, twitter is definitely not so a new thing for most people even for me. I have registered for a twitter account like very ages ago, but for some reasons I don't really find it that fancy (Well, probably because everyone was excitedly talking more about FB rather than twitter during that time). So yesterday, when I tried to make some efforts logging in into my account; did some retweets and @mention, twitter is interesting though. Yes, it was odd, bizarre and strange kind of feeling at the beginning.

But, yes, it's slowly getting fun. =)

p.s: Yes, you keep crawling on my mind, and I f*cking hate it. Real honest.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011



Come to think of it, well, I don't think that I even lost any penny for your unethical act. Hearing that how serious you were cursing like shit at me (and hey, I am not saying that I do not swear); at least, I realize that I'm not being as cheap as you especially when it comes to a hanky-panky thing.


p.s: Hati perlu dididik; supaya kita tidak mudah melatah.

3.49pm, IPBA.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Akhir-akhir ini, saya selalu terfikir.

Jika andaikata hari ini adalah hari terakhir untuk saya bernafas dengan diri ini, adakah atau mungkinkah saya diingati, dirindui pada hari-hari yang akan mendatang?

5.03pm, IPBA.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Makan hati dan bermain dengan perasaan.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

R for ran-shit-ness.

When you think, being a hypocrite is a part of randomness, well, you are simply cheap in that way.

All right, maybe I'm wrong in that sense. Well, again, everyone has different views about randomness.

So, what say you?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Berjuang seorang diri mungkin tidak mudah.

Pastinya sukar.
Kemenangan pun mungkin 50-50.

Tidak percaya?
Cuba sendiri.

Tapi, kalau diiringi dengan 'sebilah pisau' dan sebatang panji',

mungkin sahaja.
mungkin lebih bersemangat.

tidaklah seperti seolah-olah membunuh diri.

Terima kasih kerana mendoakan saya.
Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga.
Terima kasih.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Diam bukan bermakna noktah,

Maaf kerana tinggal tanpa berita. Saya sibuk, tapi saya OK.

Exam minggu hadapan. Doakan saya semoga berjaya.

p.s: Oh, saya menyedari akan penambahan followers saya. Terima kasih kepada anda semua.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Bila sudah ber'bf', yang so-called fucking close friend pun ini diketepikan. Like you and me, we are just nothing.

p.s: The notion seems repeating like everyday these days among close mates. How strange is that.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Kalaulah saya mampu....

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Dr. A: You seem the coolest when some others look quite stressful dwelling about assignments in my class.

Me: Well, I guess, I'm just trying to be an optimist, perceive things positively. *Laugh*

p.s: Definitely no one knows how things can be a roller-coaster in everyone's heart.
p.s.s: And yes, this is definitely not a narcissistic post.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Busy week, ay?

It's another freaking busy week ay?

Syndromes have been identified:

Consistently yawning in lecture hall.

*even worst to listen from enthusiastic-yet-boring-yet-have-high-expectation-about-students lecturers*
Severely off-tasking. Even just looking at that frigging air conditioner.
And yes, pretty dearly to word.

Woh! another freaking week for a TESOL student. Again.

*I shall change 'Woh' to 'Sweet as!'*

Sweet as! another freaking week for a TESOL student. Again.

p.s: I'm pretty curios how 'Sweet as!' could magically turn me to be yes, slightly optimistic.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


"You are most afraid when you are happy"

The moment when Cuddy told that to House, I could feel that the message does not solely going to him; it came approaching me as well. Reflection for action, I believe. She really made sense of how certain things work in life which I have came across it before, but never care much to think in deep about it. That's probably a reason why we need the other person on our side, so that we could do the reality checks more often.

p.s: I believe that being yourself and trying to fulfill others' needs are both different notions.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

little unusual

Things are seemed little unusual today.
For unknown reasons.

I don't know.
I just feel strange with everything around me.
The people, the routine, the morning.
It tastes bizarre
I feel somehow that I have lost something or perhaps missing.
I don't know
My headache is going pretty bad at the moment.

My hair does not go curl as how it always does.
I just don't talk much and rather spend myself alone in library or room.

Ah, I just don't do usual things that I always do.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Yes, I ain't a perfect creature,
but can we at least be a Good and Genuine person?

Well, don't call me a brat when you are the first one who started to act selfish.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Two things that I feel everybody should have realized since the first day of their born:

1. Dreaming is just a part of sleeping game. It's hardly to be truth.
2. People frequently come, but they always go.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Twas sort of a depressing day for me yesterday. Pretty sudden. But that's not really the intention of me writing this post today.

In this short post, I would like to congratulate to all these my lovely people for their excellent achievement during our two years in Brisbane. Man! I know I did not get a chance to congratulate to each of you, but let's make this an official collective wish from me to everyone of you.

You guys really deserve for the award, and everything seemed paid off.


- Pavi.

- Erma.

- Hanis.
- Kak Long.

- Aisyah.
- Nija.
- Dyane.

p.s: Come to think of it, I wonder what I have done in Brisbane for two years. LOL.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Less f*cked up.

I'm pretty considerate when it comes to dealing with messy life.

*OK, I probably burst out at times. Fair enough.*

But, most of the times, if anything didn't go that right or probably seemed looking wrong,
I love putting myself in a position of rationalization.
Rather than losing my own counts or even worst simply putting a blame to another person;
I prefer to do some productive reflection for my own future purpose.

Why That is not right?
Why always He/She is right?
Why Everything does not go in my own way?

These types of question, you won't find the answer in a very short period.
It might probably take longer than expected for you to discover the answer.

But trust me,
reflection always makes you to feel less f*cked up.
Don't shock, you might enjoy it!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A root as the Reflection.

If I were given a picture of tree to symbolize Life; I would say its root might pretty much explain the notion of Reflection.

p.s: There are always ups and definitely downs in life.

Friday, 4 February 2011


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

(abraham lincon, n.d.)

Simple, but indeed deep.

Hello Taman Megah! Bongeks.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Surprisingly, cynical is the best word I have so far. Fuh.

So, feel free to characterize me using your own words or probably whatever slang you might have (If you do). Heh.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Menjadi terbaik adalah pilihan yang tidak semua orang ada.

Saya sedikit terkilan hari ini. Atas sebab-sebab tertentu.
Bukan sebab yang besar pun.

Sebab yang kecil,
tapi membuat saya terfikir hampir segala perkara dalam hidup ini.

Begini, saya cuba menyelamatkan seekor anak kucing hari ini.
Comel. Gebu. Cantik.
Kekelabuan dan sedikit belang-belang hitam dibelakang badannya.
Tapi, kelihatan malang. Kakinya patah. Berjalan pun ala-ala Man Dengkot.
Memang Kasihan.

Emak didalam kereta.
"Nampak anak kucing itu" sambil menuding jari.

Saya terpusing-pusing.
Terpusing lagi.

"Dibawah kereta Harrier itu. Mata kau buta ke?"
Sedikit radikal jawapannya kali ini.
Biasalah, kami memang typical orang johor.
Bukan pemarah sahaja, bergurau pun kadang-kadang ala-ala gurau kera.
Memang keras.

OK,saya sambung semula.

"Oh, nampak. Kasihan. Macam patah je kakinya"

"Nak buat pahala?"
Mak mengutarakan cadangan.

Menggunakan perkataan yang memeranjatkan spiritual saya.
Sedikit blur.

Tiba-tiba sekali lagi,
mentol muncul dihujung kepala.

Sepantas kilat,saya dengan lantasnya turun dari kereta, membuka bonet, dan terus mencapai beberapa helai tisu (OK, hampir satu kotak tisu sebenarnya).

Orang ramai mula mendongak-dongak kepalanya. Menunjuk-nunjuk jari.
Melihat saya. M
elihat macam tidak pernah melihat orang. Ish.

"Budus!" Hamun dalam hati saya.

Saya peduli apa. Pahala punya pasal.
Saya terus bergerak,
dan terus bergerak menuju ke anak kucing itu.
Duduk sahaja si kecil itu.

Tiba-tiba, Harrier bergerak.

"Chill uncle! Ada anak kucing dekat bawah kereta ni"
Pakcik senyum.
Saya masih dgn muka ketat.
Misi sedikit terganggu.

Kereta dah tiada.
Si kecil masih disitu.
Sakit sangat agaknya.

ada suara lantang perempuan dari belakang.

"Ada monyet"

*Ish, menganggu betul. Misi penting ni.Mahu jadi hero pun susah*

Saya paling ke belakang.

"What da heck! Monyet dowh"

*Mula mengira*

"Lapan kot. Banyak nak mampus ni"

Tiba-tiba teringat cerita bayi kena bunuh dengan monyet.
Serius berlaku.

Mula sedikit panik.
Tapi, muka still ketat.
Tiba-tiba ada batu dkt sebelah.
*Dan-dan je banyak batu*
Scene semakin menarik.
*evil laugh dalam hati*

Berdiri dengan gagah. Batu ditangan.
Pencubaan gaya-gaya melontar batu-batu kearah monyet.
Sambil menghentak-hentak kaki dengan harapan gerombolan monyet itu lari.
Monyet tidak bergerak langsung.
Mula menunjuk gigi-gigi taring mereka.

Si kucing kecil masih dibelakang.

*Rasa macam dalam scene ala-ala abang cuba menyelamat adik daripada geng kaki pukul budak sekolah*

Saya cuba mara kali. Monyet-monyet semakin berani.
Mula kehadapan.

Saya mencarut.

Emak didalam kereta mula menekan horn rapidly.
geng si monyet ini terus melompat.
Betul-betul dihadapan saya.

Saya sepatutnya menendang mereka.
Tapi, lupa cara nak menendang.
macam kisah manusia-manusia yang melihat hantu,
nak baca Bismillah pun terlupa macam mana.
Adrenalin membuak-buakkan.

Kali ini,saya terus lari kearah kereta.

"Gila banyak. Boleh mati kena kerjakan woh"
Saya membebel.

Tiba-tiba sahaja,
2-3 ekor anjing yang entah datang dari mana.
Berlari menghalau monyet-monyet tersebut.

"Gila menarik siot"
saya membebel untuk kali kedua..

Monyet bertempiaran.
Ibu kucing pun tiba-tiba sampai.
Mungkin kerana susah mahu negotiate dengan si anjing-anjing itu.
Maklumlah, both cats and dogs families have bad history kan.

si ibu membawa si kecil pergi.
Anjing-anjing itu pula hilang kisah.
Mungkin selamat rasanya.

Saya tersentak.
Terfikir sejenak.
Seminit dua.
Mungkin inilah apa yang orang kata.
Menjadi terbaik itu bukan pilihan yang semua orang ada setiap masa.

Kadang-kadang kita hanya mampu menjadi yang baik sahaja atau even worst menjadi slightly cruel demi untuk mencapai sesuatu.

Macam incident siang tadi, saya cuba mahu menyelamatkan si kucing kecil itu.
Dengan niat dan harapan, tidak mahu ia dilanggar kereta lain.
Tapi, beberapa perkara sampingan terjadi.
Segerombolan monyet datang menyerang.
Mungkin ia dugaan.
Tapi, saya rasa ia bukan dugaan ataupun

mungkin sahaja,
Tuhan sudah takdirkan yang hari ini saya tidak dapat menyelamatkan si kucing kecil itu. Mungkin di hari lain.

Ya,saya mungkin ada niat yang baik.
mungkin Tuhan sudah sekali lagi takdirkan anjing-anjing itu adalah penyelamat kucing kecil itu.
Lantas merangkap gelaran 'Si Terbaik' dalam kejadian itu.
Dan saya pula, mungkin hanya yang 'Si baik-baik' sahaja.


Moral of stories: Lain kali jangan cuba-cuba interfere dalam hal-hal haiwan. Mereka ada penyelesaian mereka sendiri.

p.s: Semoga kamu selamat ye Si Kecil.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Jangan tanya apa azam baru saya!

Sumpah, saya tak kan mampu tulis 10 azam baru untuk tahun baru jika saya diberi 1 minit untuk menyenaraikan mereka.
Bukan otak saya bergerak lembab atau saya malas, cuma, saya kurang gemar mencipta azam baru setiap tahun.
Bila difikir-fikirkan, jika saya buat checklist, mungkin saya hanya mampu capai 2 atau 3 sahaja azam-azam itu.
So, daripada saya ada beribu-ribu azam baru yang saya mungkin tidak akan capai, baik saya bawa kehadapan sahaja azam-azam lama itu. InsyaAllah tercapai.

Mak sedikit 'bising' hari ini.
Bercerita tentang itu, tentang ini.
Saya hanya mendengar sahaja.
Mata saya tepat melihat screen laptop.
Tiba-tiba, tiada hujung pangkal, dia bertanya.

Mak: So, what's your new resolution?
saya: *Diam*
Mak: Hello?
Saya: Saya tiada azam tahun.
Mak: Macam mana boleh tiada azam? Maknanya you just live your life as it is la. Tiada matlamat.
Saya: Tak.
Mak: Habis tu?
Saya: OK,Saya mahu menjadi slightly cruel; therefore, I wont be toyed around by people.

Mak lihat saya dalam keadaan pelik.
*Saya pasti dalam hatinya mungkin dia rasa pelik kenapa dia ada anak lelaki yang pelik. Sedangkan ayahnya seperti normal sahaja*