Friday, 11 June 2010

I need someone to guide me back

"Bagai jatuh ditimpa tangga"

A proverb which I shall say describing me pretty well at the moment.
A proverb which I have to agree illustrating every inch of depression that I am goin' through now.

[Well, it might not as bad as how I think, but, that's what I feel]

Pathetic? Yes people! You are absolutely true.
I could sense that I am significantly screwed up with number of things.

I had a big-time of sucky week.
I had an unsatisfied assignment result which I considered as sucky.
yes, I will probably face few upcoming sucky moments lagi lepas ni.

Lately, things are not happy working on my way.
I had lotsa disagreements with stuffs especially things that involve my emotion.
Yes, I know and I dont' need to consolidate it. World does not revolve around us. A fact which I am completely aware about . I could not dictate every single of thing to do as I said.

I could not ask people to like me.
I could not expect to win every match that I play in FIFA.
I could not even ask my lecturer to give me A for every assignment.

Tapi, can I just have something 'meaningful' that would make me to feel sort of
"Yes, zam. It's fine. You are doing all right,"
"It doesn't matter. You are doing great, zam"

Can I have those feelings?
Can I have someone (which I used to have) to pat on my back and tell that to me?

Yes, at this point, I admit that I might sound a lil bit childish.
A boy who still looks for his mum's help.

Tapi, honestly, I really feel helpless and somehow hopeless now.
Plz, I need someone to guide me back.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


People learn.
We learn.
You learn.
I learn.

But, how many of us could ensure that we really learn and look well after the process? Do we reach to the extent of reflecting for every single that happen in our chapter of life?

p.s: At this point of time, it might be something good to have somebody that I could talk with. Really.