Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Human beings like me could be so restless at times
Breathing with too many sighs in it.
What's that suppose to mean?
Could it be an indication to anything?
I wonder.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

we can be better than ASS, don't we?

1. At times, I couldn't believe that human beings could be so stubborn at accepting the new facts. We are too complicated, too complex and so unpredictable at making sense of life. Being a failure at making a simple wise decision and also being too vain and judgmental at viewing stuffs, we are more than enough to characterized ourselves as an oblivious. Don't you think so? Here, I'm not trying to claim myself as smart, perfect or whatever craps that human beings could be. But still, we can be better than ASS, I guess

2. If you knew that your wife is a slut, so just treat her as a slut, man! Why the hell you have to be so innocent and so-called 'penyayang' by calling her 'babe', 'honey' or 'darl'? You know that she is hiding lotsa things that she has done, or perhaps, she will do with his bf. behind you. You know that she might have a plan to ditch you far away behind once she get settle down all her businesses with you. But, still, you are comforting yourself with this kind of feeling "I make her happy. She makes me happy and it works,". You are totally wrong, genius.

3. There are ways of how to be loyal to a woman, man. But, not in this way. 'Evil angel' is still an 'evil angel'. She won't change to be a fairy. Bear that in mind!

p.s: I'm just responding to one of the episodes of the series that I just watched. Guys could be stupid huh!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

* a short one *

* a short one *

I'm almost 'retarded' with my exhaustibility.
My eyes are so reddish and pedih.
My head is spinning heavily.
In fact, as I'm writing this entry, I actually could see how my limbs, fingers are shivering.
I know, it looks scary.

p.s: Hurm.. I really feel to talk to somebody tonight. But it seems that everyone is busy with their work. sigh....

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Not only shit can happen,

miracle does happen too.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

He is testing me

This might be a way too hard for you kan? I know.
I could hear how bad you actually breath through your long-and-deep sighs.

I could feel how weak your heart is when your eyes start to bring the tears.
Sabar ok, zam.

God is testing you.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Random thoughts

My neurons have been so random with my brain today. I suddenly popped out with some thoughts:

  • 'Penzahiran kebatinan' is really not an easy task to be done, but yet it's achievable if more efforts and 'doa' came into it.
  • Lacking at certain ordinary human qualities makes life to be so unfair to us. (such as good-looking, handsome, etc.) I know. But, f*** it! Don't you ever think that everyone deserves to breathe too?
  • I am indeed not a mental when I begin to deal with my unconsciousness.

Friday, 11 September 2009

a bit of tears

No matter how massive things could happen,
no one on this earth could ever change a fact that
you are always there in my heart.
No one can deny that and no one could doubt that!!
My first priority from the beginning till end.
Even though we might be far away from each other,
but there is no boundary that can stop me from praying hard for you.
For now, I just need you to be strong and sit still
as how once upon a time you were to be.
My friend told me that you are such a great fighter.
I know and I believe it, mak.
Get well soon tau.
I love you.
and I miss you. A lot.


p.s: I'm sorry mum for not being on your side when you need me most.

Friday, 4 September 2009


I have to admit,
anything that matters to writing,
I won't be as good as how I do numbers.
I really, really have to struggle.


Oh Lord, plz help me.

*off to bed*

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I hate you

This is so uncool, man.

And definitely, hilarious.
Who the hell do think you are trying to do this at me? Threatening me?
I'm not intentionally to be mean or to hurt anybody's feeling.
But, tonight (as I'm writing this post, it's already 5.20am), I think that you are just too much than how you supposed to be.
You really go beyond my limit and obviously made me to feel sick of you..
You impressed me by forcing me to stay awake for the rest of my night.
I hate you, caffeine!!

p.s: Dammit!! I really need my sleep back.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Aku hanya mampu tersenyum.

Ia seperti baru sahaja berlaku tadi.

dan aku cuba menghayati.
Namun, tiada satu yang berharga pun dapat ku beri.
Melainkan hanya perhatian dan sebuah senyuman.
Dalam aku menghayati, aku dapat merasakan.
Kalimah-kalimah yang diungkapkan itu cukup indah, cukup puitis.
Tetapi sayang,
hati ini pula terlalu lemah untuk memahami.
Mungkin aku perlukan sedikit masa untuk mengenali.
Aku masih lagi tersenyum, tetapi kali ini aku luaskan sedikit pemandanganku ini.

Melihat dikelilingi saudara-saudaraku yang mungkin berlainan gaya pemikirannya,
[entah apa sahaja yang difikirkannya]
Tetapi masih lagi berkongsi sebuah fahaman yang sama.
Aku mula mengerti.
Juga mula berhalusinasi.
Apakah ini yang dimaksudkan dengan "One lamp, one light,"?
Aku sendiri tidak pasti.

-The story continues-