Friday, 20 August 2010

Till then, my friend.

Goodbye Min Jun.

작별 인사 hyung!

*You will probably curse me if I tried to call you this again*

8 months with you were totally indescribable, really precious.
From an outsider, to a friend and turn be close brothers in the end.
I really enjoyed having a good company like you.
We seem to have a very same wavelength since the beginning.

We could drink together.
We always play Fifa together.
We curse each other.
and We even sometimes tease people together.
That's really nice eh?

But, tonight, when I start thinking, you are leaving tomorrow,
it makes me feel a lil bit sad. Probably, very sad.
I could sense my loss.
Unit 7 is indeed not complete with you.
There's no more your strong coffee.
There's no more a late night conversation at the verandah.
There's no more a phrase 'sleep well lar' after the Fifa game.
There's no more the smell of your cigarette's smoke.


But, it's all right.
People don't stay. They come and they go.
Same goes to you, me and everybody.
Go home, my friend.
I know, you miss your country alot.
I know, you miss to breath with korea's air.
A place where you born.
Our friendship does not stop till here.
It is progressive as long as we want to keep it going.
Till then, min jun.
Have a safe trip.
Don't cry. =)

Your friend,

p.s: Get a partner a.s.a.p. once you are in Korea and practise more for your fifa. LOL! Just kidding.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Thinking of someone who is leaving soon undeniably makes me to feel a lil bit sad.


p.s: I hate to say goodbye.

Monday, 9 August 2010


So, here's the short post.

My plan to stay up tonight might just cancel.
Obviously, I'm not doing that on purpose.
*Come on! I am a man of promise* Wink2! LOL.
Yeah, put all the blames on that bloody cup of coffee.
S*it! I didn't know coffee just makes me to think less.
Or probably not to produce any thoughts at all.
Even though, a friend of mine disagreed about it when I posted up on FB.

"Don't blame the coffee for not producing any thoughts,"

But, I still feel that that coffee tu yg bersalah.
Like seriously!

Moral of the story:
To stay up at night, don't substitute the energy drink with the coffee. No good.

Friday, 6 August 2010

M-Fest 2010


M-fest is just over. One of the big events that I involved and got myself to lead, which I guess, went pretty good and probably 'happening' in a history of my life. Even though, there were numbers of unexpected hiccups which did happen here and there during the event. However, I believe that we (The committees and I) managed to encounter and solve all the issues clinically.

Yeepii! We finally made the plan (of cohort 4 and 5) to happen.

All the hard works paid off!
Big crowds!
Lecturers happy!
Foods 'laku'!
Lotsa big smiles!

Those are more than enough to make me to feel happy satisfied. Nothing could I say other than thank you very much to all the committees, my beloved people who worked really hard to make this big event a successful one. You guys are rox!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Dibuang begitu sahaja.
Diambil jika perlu.
Dipilih jika tiada pilihan.

Mungkin begitu suratan takdirku.
Aku redha.
Itu yang pasti.